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Daniel Christian (b.1975)
Daniel Christian
A Tout le Monde
Charcoal and pastel on paper
9 x 14 inches
Daniel Christian
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
My piece, "A Tout le Monde," was inspired by the Megadeth song that shares its name. In English, the title states, "To All the World," My approach for this work was a "What If." What if I was to find out that I had a terminal disease? Would I fight? Would I win in the end, and would it even matter?
Or, would I simply take some time to tell my loves ones what they mean to me, that I love them. And then would I chose to go? To go out on top, to end the misery before it began?
"Moving on is a simple thing, what it leaves behind is hard. You know the sleeping feel no more pain, and the living are scarred."
What if?

Inspired by: "A Tout le Monde" by MegaDeth

Although Dan has always had an interest in painting, he became serious about art in 2011 when he resigned from his corporate America position to pursue a more creative endeavor.  In an effort to earn a living through the utilization of anything art, Dan embarked upon an exciting journey as a tattoo artist.  While traveling the globe and perfecting his skill, Dan learned of the Ani Art Academies’ program from a fellow tattooer and Ani apprentice.  He was thoroughly impressed with the work that was being produced by the academy and was immediately inspired to apply.  Dan began his apprenticeship at Ani Art Academies Waichulis in 2014 with the intent of developing himself into the best artist possible and in turn opening the doors to future artistic opportunity.

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