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Elena Green B. 1978
Elena Green
B. 1978
Sheena's Gold
Charcoal and pastel on paper
14 x 14 inches
Elena Green
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Conjuring a golden and unearthly synesthetic state; angelic and euphoric, ‘Sheena’s Gold’ was inspired by Natalie Merchant’s reprise of the gospel hymn ‘When They Ring the Golden Bells’ (written by Daniel De Marbelle). Whilst the song has its roots in churches, it’s meaning to me is not a religious one. The delivery and lyrics impart a beautiful final send-off and causes contemplation for the finiteness of one’s mortality.

Inspired by: "When They Ring The Golden Bells" by Natalie Merchant

Australian born Elena Green’s artistic journey began at the prestigious Julian Ashton Art School in the Rocks, Sydney. She was awarded the Thea Proctor Scholarship in 2007, which enabled her to focus on developing a deeper understanding of classical drawing and painting techniques. At the completion of her scholarship year, she won the Richard and Wenda Ashton prize for excellence in drawing. To extend her studies in representational painting, Elena has participated in numerous atelier-style workshops with realist painters Andrea. J. Smith, Lee Machelak, Christopher Brown and Keith Dewell. In 2011, Elena graduated from Curtin University with a Bachelor of Art (Art). She was the recipient of several scholarships for scholastic achievement and was on the Dean’s Merit List for academic excellence.  Elena has relocated to Anguilla to undertake an apprenticeship at the Ani Art Academies under the Master tutelage of Timothy. W. Jahn.

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