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Omar Rodriguez Jr. B. 1982
Omar Rodriguez Jr.
B. 1982
Charcoal and pastel on paper
13 x 18 inches
Omar Rodriguez Jr.
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
“Imposters” embodies the notion that some thoughts can feed off of others, creating one cohesive idea. Here we have our beloved Penguin, genuinely unamused with these “B-list” characters. While fighting them off any way he can, Penguin grazes on the thought that maybe, just maybe, a certain caped crusader will swoop in to lighten the load…

“Odd chance of that happening my fishy friend...” - Bats

Born in Scranton Pennsylvania and raised by spiritual and supportive parents, Omar drew on positive life experiences to shape his work.  The truth and honesty he strives to achieve in his work has captured the attention of many art lovers.  Many awards and accolades reinforce his success within prestigious national competitions like the Art Renewal Center's Scholarship Competition, International Salon, and the F&W publication, Strokes of Genius: The Best of Drawing.  Omar exhibits regularly on a national scale and has already participated in several key showcases.  As Mr. Rodriguez continues to pursue his personal aesthetic goals, he looks forward to contributing to the efforts of the Ani Art Academies project.

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Omar Rodriguez Jr.
B. 1982
An Unexpected Savior
Oil on panel
5 x 7 inches