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Emma Hirst B. 1988
Emma Hirst
B. 1988
Icarus Flies to Selene
Charcoal and pastel on paper
10 x 8 inches
Emma Hirst
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
In this drawing I chose to use imagery inspired by two separate Greek myths, the myth of Icarus, and the myth of Selene. In the myth that Icarus is best known for, he flies too close to the sun, despite his father’s instructions, while trying to escape from Crete. The heat of the sun melts the wax holding his wings together and causes him to fall to his death. The goddess Selene is the moon goddess in Greek Mythology, and is known to rise from the oceans at night and light the sky.

The moth in this drawing is representative of Icarus. What inspired this symbolism is the phrase "like a moth to a flame". The idea that the moth is attracted to something that may lead to its ultimate demise, resonated with me, and reminded me of the story of Icarus. I wanted to play on the theme of hubris from Icarus' story, and twist it so that his ambition could not fail. Selene's light, unlike the hot light of the sun, is a gentle and soft; had Icarus flown so high in the night sky, he would have been safe.

Born and raised in Oakland, CA and has always had a passion for Representationalism. After creating art as a hobby her entire life, she was introduced to Anthony Waichulis’ artwork at John Pence gallery in San Francisco, CA - just across the bay from where she grew up. This sparked an unexpected journey into what is now the Ani Art Academy Waichulis. After studying at The Waichulis Studio in 2006 for 3 weeks as a part of her senior project for Drew College Preparatory School, she went on to study Political Science for two years at Eugene Lang College for Liberal Arts at The New School University in NY. Deciding that this wasn’t for her, she began to follow her true passion for art and began the Waichulis program full time, in fall of 2008.

Since beginning her apprenticeship with Anthony Waichulis, Emma has been featured in several successful exhibitions and noted publications. Her drawing, Peace has appeared in the Artist’s Magazine’s popular Drawing Board segment. Her drawing Crayon Ponyfish was featured in Strokes of Genius 4: Exploring Line. And her drawing A Girls Interior was a finalist in the 2010 ARC Salon competition. She continues to exhibit work at Studio Gallery in San Francisco, CA.
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