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Kelsey Amy B. 1990
Kelsey Amy
B. 1990
You and What Army, Men?
Oil on panel
8 x 10 inches
Kelsey Amy
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
When I saw the theme of this show, Heroes, Villains, Myths and Legends, I immediately knew what I wanted my piece to consist of. I have had a number of close family members and friends who have courageously served for our country. These men and women selflessly, and fearlessly, put themselves in harm’s way for the good of our country and its people, an act not many are willing to do.

I often find myself painting small toys and knick-knacks and felt that army men would be a perfect subject to best mesh my inspiration and the theme. I have been intrigued by these little green men from the moment I saw them in the animated movie, Toy Story. The figurines in my painting are arranged in a way to show tension. Three men, armed at the ready, are involved in a a standoff with the enemy who teeters on the edge and has nothing to lose. I wanted these figurines, that are often considered to be cheap and disposable, to have a bigger meaning and impact than just that of children's toys.


Kelsey Amy is a realism artist from Sweet Valley, Pennsylvania. She graduated from Penn State University, gaining her BFA in Fine Arts with a concentration in drawing and painting.  Kelsey is currently studying at TruForm Studio under the mastery of Joel Jones. While she has often explored other avenues of artistic creativity, she always comes back to the work that she loves most, realism and still-life painting. Her paintings have a keen focus on the subtleties of detail, form and color bringing personality and vivacity to seemingly lifeless objects. Her works have been featured in the Ani-Art Academy Capturing Realism Exhibit as well as the 15 Interpretations of Reality exhibit. 

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