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Shanicia Richardson B. 1988
Shanicia Richardson
B. 1988
Poisoned Apples
Charcoal and pastel on paper
12 x 18 inches
Shanicia Richardson
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Poisoned Apples inspiration came from Snow White’s story. The Evil Queen & stepmother became insanely jealous and determined to remain the fairest of all. She used witchcraft to try and kill Snow White. This piece captures the items used to complete such an evil plot.

Shanicia Richardson has a love for what some consider contemporary art.  This love motivated her to acquire training from Louise Brooks in 2005 when her true talent was discovered.  To continue improving, she was later tutored by Jose Juan Morena Francis.  With an urge to learn how to further express herself through her work and gain new skills and techniques, she began her apprenticeship with Timothy W. Jahn at the Ani Art Academy Anguilla in 2012.  She is currently continuing her studies at the Academy where her drawing skills are being enhanced.  Shanicia has always been fascinated by landscapes and captures the beauty of her islands scenery, culture, and history through her work.  She intends for persons to get a feeling of immersion when they view her pieces.  Her work has graced the walls of exhibits at Devonish Art Gallery in Anguilla.  Her persistence and passion for art will be an inspiration to many.

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