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Erin Anderson B. 1987
Erin Anderson
B. 1987
Oil on copper
20 x 16 inches
Erin Anderson
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
"Aphrodite"- A modern take on the goddess of beauty, here she is depicted surrounded by abstract form etched into copper. They indicate that her beauty is conveyed in the power of her presence as well as her physical beauty.

Erin graduated from Miami University with a bachelor’s degree in Social Psychology and a minor in Entrepreneurship.  After college, she decided to pursue her passion and enroll in the Ani Academy Waichulis. The focus of her work is centered upon portraiture and depicting the human figure.  She seeks to explore the emotional nature of interactive dynamics both internal and interpersonal. In 2012 Erin founded Atelier Dualis in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where she currently works and resides.

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