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Susan Wallace B. 1957
Susan Wallace
B. 1957
Sir Vantes, The Ingenious Gentleman
Charcoal and pastel on paper
18 x 23 inches
Signed and dated 2013
Susan Wallace
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Don Quixote has served as an important thematic source as legend of dreamer and deception.

While farcical on the surface, like the novel, dreaming of childhood, fantasies of conquest, are serious and philosophical themes of life.

Selected as a finalist for the Art Renewal Center's 2013-2014 International ARC Salon.

My nature is to think and visualize on a metaphysical level and then extrapolate that idea to a physical drawing, typically without color, in terms of archetypal symbols and allegory




Richeson 75 Small Works Finalist 2014

Shades of Gray Drawing Magazine Honorable Mention 2014

Strokes of Genius 6 Winner 2013

Richeson 75 Portrait Contest Finalist 2013

All Media Online Competition First prize 2012

Womens Works Finalist 2012

Arc Renewal Finalist 2011


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