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Helen Crispino B.
Helen Crispino
Oil on panel
11 x 14 inches
Framed dimensions:
16 x 19 inches
The artist
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
"Tulipmania"-17th Century Dutch speculative mania for tulips. A gambling binge fueled by an explosive increase in the supply of money in the Netherlands from 1630-38 from profits of trade with Spain and through Spain with the New World, along with the mining of an enormous quantity of silver, caused rising prices. A tulip buying frenzy ensued and by 1636 a formal futures market had developed for the tulip market. In 1637 the government cancelled all contracts, left the growers without buyers and prices crashed.

"Mania" depicts the gamble on tulips and the sting that occurred.

Helen has spent the last several years establishing her reputation as a truly gifted contemporary fine artist. Hailing from Dalton, she received her primary education in the arts within Northeastern Pennsylvania including a Liberal Arts degree from Keystone College in Laplume and a degree in Painting and Illustration from Luzerne County Community College. Helen completed her training under the guidance of nationally renowned realist Anthony Waichulis.

Helen continues to exhibit nationally and her work is sought after by many knowledgeable collectors across the country. While she continues to appear in most major art publications regularly, Helen's work touched upon international acclaim with her top honors in the U.K. Wildscape's Wildlife Painter of the Year competition and she was awarded First Place in the Animal Category at the Art Renewal Center.

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