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    Emily Garlick - B. 1989


    Charcoal and pastel on paper

    18 x 24 inches


    BIOGRAPHY - Emily Garlick B. 1989

    Emily graduated in Fine Art from the University of the Creative Arts, England in 2010. As part of her degree course study she spent a semester at the Maryland Institute of the Creative Arts (MICA) in Baltimore, where she developed an intense passion for relating stories and emotions through artwork. This was evidenced by her final series of degree work that was based on emotion and exploring the outward representation of self.

    After finishing her degree she moved to Anguilla, where she enrolled at the Ani Art Academy Anguilla. At the
    Academy she has begun to create work that has surpassed her belief in her own abilities and has given her the ambition and drive to make a life in the creation of high quality art. Emily has a passion for portraiture which, thanks to the Academy, she will be developing further in the future.